About the Area

Our location offers many enjoyable activities like fishing, bird watching, boating, hunting, camping, hiking, water skiing, and site seeing. You will have access to fishing supplies, fishing tournament facilities, swamp tours, and Cajun restaurants. Spend your days and nights in the luxury of a floating home away from home. Fish off of your own porch while sipping on your first mug of morning coffee, or jump in your own petite bateau (small boat) and take a tour of the swamps. Get a glimpse of one of the alligators in our Sportsman's Paradise and see many other species of wildlife that are native to the Louisiana swamps!

Things to Do

Take your petite bateau (small boat) out so you can take all the pictures you would like or just to relax. You should think about scheduling an AirBoat Tour if you want a real swamp adventure. You can also set up a Fishing Guide with Mitch, Laurette, or Jude Mequet for a good day on the lake.

Toll Free: (800)-491-4662
Commercial: (337) 228-7484

Call or Email us you wont be disappointed, we will try our best to give you the ultimate Swamp Adventure!

Types of Fish in the Henderson Lake Area

Includes, Bass, Sac-a-lait (white perch), Bream (bluegill), and Blue Channel Catfish.

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